2000 FXSTS Softail Springer Bobber 76



Everybody knows that to fix someone else's work is more difficult than to make your own from the beginning. So we got this bike with some parts already fabricated on the bike, but it didn’t meet our standards. So we had to redo everything: from frame to wheel spokes.

We always concentrate on small things and I think it is very important to make motorcycles beautiful. Of course it takes so much time and effort and you must have lots of patience, but this is what separates you from other builders and the result is always astonishing. This bike is what I am talking about: small things everywhere. I don’t remember exactly how long, but I think we spent one whole week working with handlebars alone! Every little thing is tucked inside - no wires, no cables, but still, it is drivable like a usual bike.

Most risky thing was to choose colour of the frame and bike. The blue colour is always sensitive for bikers, but at the end, I see happy faces and it is most important to me and for us. Of course, like always, lots of chrome parts gone blasting, then powder-coated. Raw finish air filter and retro looking coloured wires are the details that make this bike special.

Till the end of time the same rule applies - you can build a beautiful bike, but a special aerographic-job will always dot the i's and cross the t's at the end of the build! God bless this bike...


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