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An evolving ride

We design, produce, and offer more than 100 of our configurations and custom parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Every element comes to reality with precision and visual pleasure in mind.

Creative, together

Creative, together

Klaudijus, the founder of KC, dreamed of producing the not off-the-shelf components to ensure the bike gets seen and appreciated on the road, and so did his fellows. The absolute dedication to motorcycle culture translated into friends working independently and worldwide.

Strive for authenticity

From day one, the rebellious spirit to accept average has soaked in everything we do and are. Two wheels are fascinating, but putting some character into them, we believe, is what makes the bike and you the one.

Team On Wheels

Klaudijus Stelmokas
Klauda is the guy from the North that made a name for himself by building award winning Harleys from early 2000. The guy runs the show!
Laurynas Jarutis
Engine specialist
Laurys makes sure all the bolts and nuts are tight and the engine sounds the way they should. Fun-committee chairman.
Donatas Dambrauskas
Body specialis - Serious man
Shadow lets his actions speak louder than his words. 
Aurimas Butkus
Electrician – 420 man
Zaba manages to run the wires and skilfully work his way around hiding the wires around the frame while simultaneously blazing 420 non-stop. Amazing…
Sergejus Belejevas
Accountant - Right hand
Without Frykis the whole company would shatter and burn down to the ground in a day-or-two. Never underestimate the power of the accountant!
Viktor Kapitanov
Product engineer
Viktor's designs are usually inspired by psychedelic music, so whenever he is back with his feet on the floor he does a great job engineering bad-ass designs and solutions for KC products and builds!

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