2011 Police Road King 103 Crow Bagger



The “Crow Bagger” is our Special project to show that we can build really extreme bikes. Whenever we’d bring this bike to shows, we’d be filled with very positive emotions and encouragement. 30” front wheel was a real challenge for us as we wanted to make this bike not just a display piece, but drivable too. Therefore, special extended frame and special triple trees were very important part of the project. This time we were not able to work without an air ride as we did on few 26” front wheel baggers. So we had to put front and rear air rides, mounted rear drop seat frame, took really long and extended 8” bags, custom-built rear fender with old-school Cadillac tail lights.

The look we wanted to get for this bike was retro “old-school”, so paintwork was really important. It took us many hours to get that bagger look – a little dirty and burnt, but ultimately very original and overall harmonic. Afterwards we performed a few tests on which seat to choose and eventually decided on this one.

It is not the first bike that we were designing with our custom seats, but this bike clearly stands out. We experimented with different materials and fabrics as well as different shapes of the seat. All the seat parts were handmade and it took us a lot of time to get that look, but finally we got a seat that’s seamlessly integrated with all the other parts into one body.

It’s a big bike, but it all comes down to small things. Everything was meticulously planned and almost all details were hand-crafted, from retro colors wiring to the rocker bolts. Special biker faces bolts were made of silver - it’s the kind of unique little things that we wanted in this bike.

Most importantly, of course, was to test this bike on the road to make sure it rides well. And I can tell you honestly – driving this bike just blows your mind away. It’s crazy! I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but it just feels out-of-this-world. I thought that it will be more difficult and that you’d need time to adapt it, but boy was I wrong. The only thing you need to pay attention to when driving this monster is the radius of your turn. After all - it's a 30" wheel!!!

Why "The Crow"? We have been taking care of two wild crows near our workshop at the time we were working on this and other bikes. The birds grew up, the bike is finished and everybody is happy and free.



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